Start Me Up

Sept 27, 2014
START ME UP - the Ultimate Rolling Stones Tribute, recently headlined a concert in Tegucigalpa, Honduras playing to 100,000 people, 50,000 in the venue, 50,000 people behind the stage with nowhere to put them! The day before the show, lead guitarist JOEY O & singer SCOTT STARR, spent the day doing live National TV interviews.

The next day, due to all the hysteria & people attending the concert, START ME UP had to be given a police escort to their gig!

The concert was shown, live, on National TV & re-aired throughout the night.

START ME UP spent 3 hours, after their show, shooting pictures & signing autographs for fans, until the police said they could not control the screaming girls mobbing the band & the band had to be once again, given a police escort back to their hotel.

Total pandemonium, hysteria, & fun!! A concert that no one in attendance, band included, will ever forget!

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